Life In Progress


Messy, surprising, breathtaking, emotional, loving, road-tripping, chaotic, tender, bittersweet life.

In progress now.


What's happening with you?


  1. ((Sharon))
    Many hugs to you, my friend. You, Larry and Zoe have been in my meditations. Now I will add your extended family as well. I'm always here -- feel free to send a rant or a vent or whatever you need to my personal email. And remember to take good care of you through everything. Gentleness and peace.

  2. Worrying.

    But that's nothing new.

  3. ((ladies))
    What the heck is going on? Are the planets out of alignment or something? Sending light and love to you both.

  4. We've been dealing with an adult MAN...in his 20's and divorced chasing my 17 year old sweet girl. I think we've finally gotten rid of him. If not he's either going to get his nuts kicked in or the police after him. One way or the other I'm good.

  5. That and broken fingers, stitches, and tetanus shots...all of which have to do with vehicles. LOL

    Will be glad to start a new week. :)

  6. Tammy, Girl, put on your nut-kickers AND call the cops! That is not good. Hoping the fingers and cuts heal and nobody gets tetanus. You all take care. Monday will be here before you know it. :-) ((hugs))

  7. What kind of company am I keeping here?! Really ladies! Nut kicking, LOL! I'm sorry, I know it's very serious but that has me cracking up.

    Tammy, you go mama bear!
    Speedy healing to those fingers! How'd you do that anyways?

    Tara, you are such a warm and wonderful light for us!

    Sharon, I've been holding you and your family close to my heart. I was so relieved to read your post. I know the road is still long, but Larry is tough and so are you! I'll keep sending healing thoughts your way. ((hugs))

  8. Well I was locking the door to my van, and the wind blew it shut on my middle finger of my right hand. I dropped the keys in my left hand because of the pain, and I couldn't reach the ground for the keys because of my finger in the door. And I couldn't open the door because it was locked. So I had to ****pull**** the sucker out of the door. Squeezed and crushed the heck out of it. It's black and blue and a huge mess.

    So then Emily was putting her bike into the bed of her truck and sliced her finger open to the bone on a rusty metal part of the truck. Stitches and tetanus shot there.

    And the dirty old man (ok, not old...20...but too old to be after a 17 year old) I think has gotten the picture to leave Katie alone. If he calls or texts one more time I will call the police. But he was told, and he seems to be leaving her alone.

    Whew. Katie's at a camp planning party right now, Kayla's at a birthday party right now, and Emily is headed out the door with James in a few minutes. I'm gonna put on my jammies and call the day "Done."

    I love all of you here at this spot. :) and ♥ Sounds like we can all use a little retreat or something, lol.

    Anet...you crack me up with the

  9. Whoops, I hit enter without finishing my sentence.

    Anet you crack me up with the "What kind of company am I keeping here?! Really ladies!" comment.

  10. Anet, So sorry... I should have said "put on your ball-busters... ";-)

    Tammy, Soft jammies are definitely in order tonight. Heavens... you, Emily and Katie take care over there.